February 11, 2009

Woodford Reserve Review

Woodford Reserve ranks very high on my list of sipping bourbons. I almost always drink it neat, but is just fine with ice, too. It happens to also be the official bourbon of both the Kentucky Derby as well as the Breeder's Cup. Giddy Up. The distillery is located in the middle of bluegrass country, in Versailles, Woodford County, KY, and uses copper stills. It is supposedly an extremely picturesque area, and worth visiting. It's certainly on my list.

Woodford is 90.4 proof. It has an orangy-amber color, and comes in a distinct flask-like bottle. But let's get to the tasting:

The nose is clean and not overpowering with definite cherry, vanilla and spice notes. Very pleasant. The nose hints at what becomes a peppery tang taste, but it also belies a dry and woody taste. After the initial dry pepperiness, a sweetness pushes its way through - a maple syrupy sweetness without being heavy. Woodford's finish is long, dry, with calm alcohol burn that makes its way up and our your nose. A great thing.

In all, Woodford Reserve is moderately priced and will never disappoint. It should be a mainstay in your liquor cabinet. Also, I think it is an outstanding introduction to more sophisticated bourbons, should you be on the look-out for such. As always, your thoughts are encouraged.


  1. A spot on review in my opinion. I find the nose to be the defining Woodford's defining characteristic, the initial sweet notes of vanilla giving way to a the a peppery bridge between the end of the nose and the beginning on the palate. And that finishing sweetness and alcohol burn are excellent as well. I've never detected the charcoal some mention in the nose.

    Regardless this is one of my favorite sipping bourbons and is consistently enjoyable from bottle to bottle.

  2. My pet Goat Dave loves the stuff!

  3. can you place it in the freezer?

  4. The only use I had for this was as a charcoal lighter. This should say it all. In case for thos who don't undrstand, thi is the worst and poorest quality of a spirit you can buy.

  5. Ronnie... you are dead. What do you know anyway?