February 5, 2009

Can Bourbon Cure a Cold?

Truth be told, bourbon has had mitigating effects on colds I have had over the years. My experiences have revealed that a glass or two or bourbon is the ticket to a clear-headed morning. Of course, it should go without saying that if you drink too much, your prospects of waking with bright eyes and a sunny disposition will likely be replaced by a hangover. So, don't overdo it.

Anyhow, I've decided to search around and see if "cold killer" could be legitimately added to the list of bourbon's wonderful qualities. Is bourbon good for what ails ya?

I did discover some (pseudo?) medical evidence of the medicinal benefits of hot toddies, which contain bourbon or other whiskies. However, the majority of reports of bourbon being another over the counter cold cure are anecdotal. Such accounts include throwing some garlic cloves into a bottle, waiting a bit, and then drinking the bourbon and garlic together. Seems harsh. Several sources reiterated the hot toddy cure, stating the belief that alcohol kills germs. Still others emphatically proclaim that drinking alcohol while sick dimishes your immune system and just makes you sicker. Hmmmmmm. I hadn't realized this was such a contentious topic. More stories said gin and grapefruit is the answer. Other said rum. One guy said a pint of warm beer does the trick. Is there a doctor in the house?

Well, I guess to each is own. For me, bourbon does work, in addition to some vitamin C tablets during the day if I so choose. Next time you get ambushed by a cold, give bourbon a go. Might as well make your liquor cabinet as versatile as possible.


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