February 4, 2009

Eagle Rare Review - A Rare Bird Indeed

I have to mention that Eagle Rare 10 year is my favorite bourbon. The list to the left is not in any particular order; that is, notwithstanding the # 1 position. Eagle Rare is the best in every aspect.

I discovered Eagle Rare relatively late in my bourbon drinking career. I recall talking about bourbon with a friend a few years ago when he mentioned that his father would give a case of Eagle Rare to each of his clients as end-of-the-year presents. "A whole case of bourbon?" I asked, wondering what client of mine would ever warrant such a generous gift. "Yeah. My father thought that it was the best bourbon around." Well, I had to find out myself. Within a week, I had bought a bottle.

Since that first taste, Eagle Rare has firmly held its spot at the top of my bar. As I'm actually enjoying a glass of it as I write this (I always drink it neat), it's the perfect time for my first bourbon review.

Eagle Rare is a straight Kentucky bourbon and weighs in at 90 proof. Generally speaking, it provides a full bodied, rugged sip. It is certainly subtle in many ways, but it ain't no feeble quaff. More specifically, the first taste gives a medium spiciness that is tempered by an almost sherry-sweet tingle and a more marked dry oakiness. Hints of fruit are definitely present. The finish pleasantly burns, and reminds you of the charred barrel in which it was aged. At all times Eagle rare presents it's corn-induced sweetness, and has a mouthfeel that morphs from oily at first to rich at the end. The reason it ranks at the top of my list is its complex balance of flavor and mighty, raw character.

Other highlights of Eagle Rare are its relatively low cost - around $30. For the quality, $30 is awesome. It should also come as no suprise that Buffalo Trace, another outstanding bourbon-cum-distillery, produces this fine potable. No doubt I will discuss Buffalo Trace in subsequent posts. Eagle Rare was also the Double Gold Winner at the 2008 San Francisco World Spririts Competition.

In a final thought, I hope that other bourbon lovers regard bourbon as much more than just booze, but rather as a complement to, well, life. Please share your favorite bourbons, or thoughts in general.


  1. i recommend giving the eagle rare 17 a try

  2. bought my first bottle sat
    will be buying my second next sat
    very very good

  3. just got my first bottle and it is a rugged and delicious.