September 2, 2012

Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12 YO Review

Like Old Fitz 1849 reviewed below (and other OF expressions), Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12 Year Old is a wheated bourbon, meaning wheat is used instead of rye in the mash bill.  VSOF is distilled by Heaven Hill at 90 proof.

VSOF is rusty orange in color, deep enough to suggest it spent over a decade in wood.  Despite the wheat, its nose is spicy, softened by a light sweetness, and orange zest. There's also a meatiness; a chewiness, like well-oiled, broken-in leather.  Mouthfeel is not too heavy, slightly thick without being syrupy.  Its taste is peppery with a subtle sweetness - a candied citrus with a bittersweet dark chocolate note.  Very Special Old Fitzgerald finishes hot and spicy with a dull burn as you might expect from a 90 proof bourbon.

This bottle of Old Fitzgerald is nuanced and tasty.  Its "wheatness" doesn't shine through, so if that's what you're looking for, try another wheated bourbon. I don't think it'll find a place in my daily rotation, but that's not because it's not unique and thought-provoking.  After all, not every good bourbon can become your favorite. 


  1. Sounds perfectly lovely, Josh. I do believe I'll seek it out.