September 30, 2011

Cyrus Noble Small Batch Review

Cyrus Noble is a bourbon I recently tasted for the first time. Its not-yet-popularized name is not the only obscure thing about this whiskey: it is distilled in Kentucky and then aged in San Francisco for 5 years. Cyrus Noble is bottled by Haas Brothers, clocks in at 90 proof, and is touted as being Small Batch.

Noble has a bright coppery color, more rusty than amber. Its nose is dominated by syrupy sweet caramel that is as smooth as crushed velvet. Behind the sweet note are hints of allspice, gingersnap, and well-oiled leather. Mouthfeel is thick but not heavy. The taste, like its nose, is substantially sweet, with chewy caramel and nougat. It's like a Milky Way. In the shadows of the sweet lie twangs of oak and just a hint of juicy, dark fruit. Cyrus Noble finishes very smooth and cool and insists you take another sip.

What is perhaps most noteworthy about this bourbon is its smoothness. From the nose to finish, there are really no sharp edges. This is no easy task given the higher proof, and considering the natrual brash character of bourbon generally. If you haven't yet tried Cyrus Noble, put it at the top of your list. It's a fun, suprising bourbon that should be taken seriously. And, it's quite affordable, too.

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