May 11, 2011

Cabin Still Review

Cabin Still bourbon is one of the more inexpensive choices at the liquor store. It's distilled by Heaven Hill and is sold at 80 proof. Cabin Still is young, aged for a short 3 years and is bottled with a recognizable bright yellow label and cap.

Cabin Still is light copper in color. It's nose is peppery with a balancing caramel presence. There's also a soft grainy note in the background with a whisp of vanilla bean. For its age, the nose is surprisingly complex. Mouthfeel is a bit thin; watery, but not weak. Cabin still has a spicy taste. The sweet caramel found in the nose is gone in the taste, and a charred, ashy bite comes through. The finish is quick, slightly hot, and not very memorable.

Cabin Still is not a top shelf sipping bourbon. But that's ok - everything has its purpose. You don't light up an Ashton every time you have a cigar; sometimes you want a Swisher Sweet. Cabin Still is a perfectly suitable knock-around bourbon that you can splash into a glass and mix with whatever and not care if you spill some on the counter. It's cheap and serviceable. Cabin Still will not win any awards for best-in-show bourbon. But, you wouldn't want to mix a quick, sloppy whiskey sour with Blanton's, would you?


  1. 100% truthful.

    Maybe that's why I can get it for $9 a liter locally.

    1. Lucky you, it's $10 a liter in these parts and quite serviceable for the price. I enjoy all the Heaven Hill bourbons I've tried.

  2. Great label, though.