October 31, 2009

Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Review

Old Grand Dad, owned by Jim Beam, is sold in three expressions: 86 proof, 100 proof bottled-in-bond, and 114 proof. There all made from the same formula, and all have a high rye percentage in the mash bill. Old Grand Dad 86 was previously reviewed here, and now I'll turn to the BIB.

The bottling of OGD BIB, like OGD 86, features a bright orange label which plays nicely with the amber glow of the bourbon. Its nose is flowerly-fragrant, backed with oak, with some spicy notes from the rye. An organic dampness lingers as well. There is no overbearing heat, despite the higher proof. Mouthfeel is dry, not oily, and dense. Old Grand Dad 100 proof's taste is peppery and spicy from the high rye, and even though its made from a completely different mash bill and yeast strain from Jim Beam, it still somehow has that unique Jim Beam vegetal nuance. It's not sweet, which is a refreshing attribute, but is nutty - almost almondy. The finish is hot and astingent, as the proof suggests it should be, but it complements the flavor instead of burning it away. After swallowing, the taste and the fire create a whole new flavor.

I do prefer other 100 proofs (or near 100 pro0f) bourbon over OGD BIB. That's not to say that I don't enjoy each occassion I drink it, though. While not a regular on my bar shelf, Old Grand Dad 100 proof is always a welcomed guest.