March 24, 2009

Bulleit Bourbon Review

Bulleit may be my favorite of the moderately-priced bourbons out there (around $24.00). It is a Kentucky straight bourbon, and weighs in at 90 proof. I have read that Bulleit was initially made for the sole consumption of an attorney in Lexington, KY. True or not, the story adds some mystique to Bulleit's history.

Bulleit is golden orange in color, and its mashbill boasts a high rye content - 30%. I'm not sure of any other bourbon that has a higher rye content. Its label touts it as a "Frontier Whiskey," which I guess is some marketing ploy used to conjure up ideas of the "olden days" when families distilled their own bourbon. Thankfully, the recipe is not as old as the frontier, as whiskies in that time period were, generally, not aged much if at all. In keeping with the "frontier" spirit, the bottle is hip flask-shaped, sort of. I do think the shape is cool.

Bulleit's nose is grainy, but balanced. It's spicy and slightly floral. Mouthfeel is viscous, pleasant without being oily. As for taste, the high rye content certainly introduces itself unabashedly. The taste is peppery and oaky with a welcomed raw bite. Not too complex, but its beauty lies in its simplicity. Bulleit finishes with a dry, leathery note and a subtle burn. It is a solid bourbon.

Bulleit is my go-to when mixing a Manhattan. It's the type of bourbon that I buy as soon as I finish a bottle so I always have it on hand. Highly recommended.


  1. Maybe it's too girly of a cocktail, but 7x7 has a good recipe/review of this whiskey here:

    Lightening it up for summer, maybe? :)

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  3. how do you pronounce it?

  4. Good review. I'm a big fan of the Bulleit. Take a look at the painting i recently completed of the Bulliet Bottle: